JH Girls Basketball

junior high basketball

This year the Junior High Girls Basketball team was made up of 13 seventh and eighth grade athletes, coached by Doug Lee and Kristi Northern. This season is the 5th season of coaching by both Northern and Lee, who claims,  “I love to teach players to love the sport of basketball and see them excel individually.” 

There are many struggles as a coach but Coach Lee said, “There are several things that can stress me as a coach. The one that comes to mind is mostly have I prepared the team enough for their upcoming game.” But there are also so many positive moments, “My favorite thing about this season was watching the girls learn and become better basketball players,” Coach Northern states. 

This year’s team ended with a record 12-12 (with both A and B teams). All the girls did very well, learned to work as a team, and encourage each other when they needed it.

Written by Maddie Boydston

NP Student