JH Volleyball

A successful year was achieved by the volleyball team of 2019. With bumps, sets, and spikes each game, they faced their competitions. Coach Meyer exclaims that her favorite thing was watching everyone improve over the season and each time using a bump, set, and spike during a game. As the games went on, Coach Meyer and Coach Tjelle learned who the leaders were of each team. For A team, Kinsey Niedfeldt and Katherine Richardson stood out as leaders. As for B team, Brianna Shannon was announced one of the leaders of the team. Coach Meyer also commented on how she really enjoys playing against Mid-Buchanan, "They were really competitive and pushed us to play our best." "Both of the teams have improved in various aspects of the game, however, there is always room for improvement," as Meyers says. The volleyball team had overhand and underhand servers, both a successful method. “We had a lot of good servers who used over and under hand serves. The best server usually changed depending on the day and how they did in the game. I can’t pick just two.” Volleyball teams of 2019 had a successful year in more ways than one. Written by Brianna Shannon NP Student