JH Cheerleading

Junior high cheerleaders include the following:
Kayla Humes, Sierra Crook, Baileigh Stubbs, Paisley Nelson, Kinsey Niedfeldt, Brooke Kretzer, Chloe Drescher, Ryleigh Kidwell, Harlee Miller, Katherine Richardson, Makenna Cartwright, Joselyn Corona, Mya Yarc, Haylie Burgess, Haylie Davis, Trinity Cross, Kaitlynn Koch, Ava Swanstone, Courtny Dehn, Addison Gerke

PANTHERS SHOW SCHOOL SPIRIT Junior high is a time for students to decide what they want to do and who they want to be. One of the ways they can start exploring this idea is to play sports. North Platte has many options for students and one of these is cheer. The 2019 Cheer season was very exciting, not only for the cheerleaders, but also for the players, the fans, and the supporters!

This year the coach for our JH cheer squad was Heather McCoy. She supported and assisted the team throughout the season. Additional leaders in the squad were the captains: Kinsey Niedfeldt, Sierra Crook, MaKenna Cartwright, and Joselyn Corona.  

The cheerleaders this year have grown as a group to support the football and basketball teams throughout their seasons. “The junior high cheerleaders have several stunt groups who have achieved extension. This shows their growth in strength and trust,” said Heather McCoy. And we hope this growth continues for many years to come.

The fans are a big influence, they help the cheerleaders support the team through the good and the bad!  Miss McCoy said, “North Platte has a great crowd and support system and so much school spirit!” The cheerleaders have learned so much over the last few months not only as cheerleaders but as fans, friends, and teammates. “I can't wait to see what they’ll be able to do in high school,” says Miss McCoy.

Written by Brooke Kretzer
NP Student