The junior high media class of 22 students makes the school yearbooks, led by teacher Heather McCoy. You can buy the yearbooks in the media classroom or the JH office with Kim for only $25.

Students make them because it is a school tradition. It holds the history of each school year and highlights the wonderful achievements of the students and community. They are designed throughout the year and printed in the summer, then they are delivered in August. The unsold yearbooks are stored in the media room and will continue to be sold as time goes on.


Written by Ayden Jones
NP Student

PANTHER STUDENT COUNCIL The junior high student council is having a great year with all of the new members. Mr. Ginter, the sponsor, works with this group to guide them as leaders for their peers and to learn to work as a team. 


There are a total of twelve people in student council, four from each class.The President is Sierra Crook, the Vice President is Courtney Dehn, the Secretary is Kayla Humes, and the Treasurer is Chance Garber.


Written by Jayden Summers NP Student _________________________________________________________________


This year Mr. Fedrizzi joins the staff as the new junior high band teacher. His goals for this year are to help the students improve. But not only does he want them to improve, he wants to become a better teacher. The expectation for the band is set very high, but with hard work and a good attitude they can achieve all their goals by the end of this year. The students had a choice of participating in pep band although it is not a requirement. "I was excited to see the kids who wanted to be there,” says Fedrizzi. It’s always great to have kids participating in these kinds of things to show that they have school spirit. Not only does it show that they have spirit, it shows they are there to have fun and enjoy a night of playing their instrument. Recently, the band performed at the Christmas Concert. The junior high and high school bands put on a great show. Mr. Fedrizzi has given the junior high band a new opportunity to start fresh. He has given the kids a chance to try new things like pep band and advanced Christmas music. One thing North Platte's new teacher admires is when they come together as a band the music is wonderful and it sounds great. Mr. Fedrizzi will be a great band teacher for 2019-2020 year and hopefully for years to come.

Written by Ryleigh Kidwell NP Student _______________________________________________________________________________________________

NORTH PLATTE OFFERS AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE Junior High Ag is an optional course taken by students who want to learn more about agricultural science. This class is taught by Mr. Tjelle who has been a teacher for over 20 years. It is a unique class that allows students who potentially want to be farmers to understand some of the science earlier on.  This course’s main goal is to teach potential future farmers in the field of farming, plant, and animal science. Mr. Tjelle chose to teach this course because he was the best qualified because has grew up on a farm and knows a lot about the subject. There are an average of 20 students per class, and it is very popular among the many electives.  Junior high students are allowed to pick two electives to add to their required classes for each semester. These include Ag, Band, Choir, FACs, Media, Art, STEM, and Spanish. These allow minor freedoms among the classes in which students can pick out. During this half-semester class students learn how to weld, plant and grow plants, learn farm machinery repair, and more.

Written by Samuel Belanus

NP Student